Financial Leasing

Parfip Lease is a leader in financial leasing, specialized in the “Small Ticket” segment. Financial Leasing is a component of the Finance business, and is a financing method that is used in all main areas of economic life.

Better known in the automotive industry, financial leasing offers spread to many other areas in which Parfip Lease has become a key player: medical equipment, office equipment, security equipment and new technologies (softwares, websites), Green IT etc..


Signing a lease contract with any associated services is an operation involving three parties:


BullesTHE SUPPLIER, installer or distributor of an equipment, service or website, is called THE PARTNER

BullesTHE END CUSTOMER  (user of the asset, service or site), called the LEASING CLIENT

BullesPARFIP LEASE which will finance the leasing contract or license, called THE LEASER


The Partner performs a commercial approach to its Customer, is responsible for installing the asset or creating the website, and also provides any related service or maintenance of the asset (1).

He trusts over the contract to PARFIP LEASE (2), which will finance the equipment or website (3)and will afterwards debit from the Client the installments and any related services on behalf of the Partner (4).


This way, the Partner takes in the payment of the asset or creation of the website at the start of the contract and the monthly instalments due to potential related services, while PARFIP LEASE assumes the financial risk and customer care.


The leasing contract or license agreement of a website is established for a specific period of time, with no purchase option at end of the contract period.