Our philosophy

The signature "The Smart Business" reflects the company's values: innovation, dynamism, responsiveness, reliability, development and sustainability.



Bulles    Innovation

Specialized in financing high value added industries, PARFIP LEASE is constantly on the look-out for uprising products on innovative markets.


Bulles    Dynamism

Always seeking new markets to finance, PARFIP LEASE is a dynamic, economic actor that wishes to support and ease its partners growth.


Bulles   Responsiveness

With a staff of 280 people, wishing to respond as quickly as possible to all Partners requests and supported by highly efficient IT-tools that are able to handle most funding requests within the hour, the PARFIP LEASE group has responsiveness and efficiency at heart.


Bulles   Reliability

With a positive growth rate since its start in 1990, the Group shows steady results that make it a reliable and reassuring financial organization. The company must be a trustworthy partner, enabling its associates to develop their business in complete confidence.


Bulles   Development

PARFIP LEASE wants to build long lasting work relationships with its partners, to support them in their European development and growth.


Bulles   Sustainability

PARFIP LEASE Group defends these values for more than 20 years and shows a development that matches its ambitions.



All these values are applied daily by our company offering its partners a smart funding, fitting the expectations and needs of each party.