Financed markets

PARFIP LEASE finances a wide range of products, especially those that incorporate new technologies. Biometrics, access control, security of goods (remote monitoring/home & business security, video surveillance, alarm) and persons (home automation), VOIP, payment terminals, fitness equipment, paramedical equipment, electrical cars …

PARFIP LEASE also offers license agreements for websites and softwares.


PARFIP LEASE offers a full range of business solutions that are individualized, adaptable and respectful of its partner’s requirements and specifications:



The security of persons, places and goods is PARFIP LEASE’S major market, as the company has acquired a strong expertise of financing this area during 20 years.

The products and services financed by Parfip Lease are as numerous as there are innovative security solutions: biometrics, alarm systems, access control, home & video surveillance, alarm systems, gate controls, fire alarm equipment, domotic products, etc.



Bulles        GREEN IT

Aware of the social role as company, concerned about environment and watching closely the latest advances regarding lasting development, PARFIP LEASE broadens its offer to green IT products: water treatment, electrical cars and supplies are some of the markets that PARFIP LEASE aims like to finance wider.


Bulles        SENIORS MARKET


New technologies are starting to produce innovations that are aiming to serve seniors. With advanced technology and intelligent systems, relying on electronics and computer science, it is now possible for older people to be helped in carrying out day to day activities. These new products allow seniors to remain independent or to compensate any functional impairments


PARFIP LEASE offers a financing solution for products that will minimize problems of dependency of aging people, while providing maximum comfort through innovative and intelligent products: fall detectors, new, adapted communication systems, home automation, paramedical equipment etc.