Sales partnership




Bulles   Our commitments

Specialized in financing assets and services, our success rests on our ability to adapt to their markets, professional field and goals:


ParfipFlexibility to ease development

We enable our partners to benefit from the latest technologies and evolving services, by providing a flexible leasing model.


Parfip A long-term partnership, thanks to formalized and unambiguous relationships

Each working relationship benefits from a unique European protocol of agreement, which clarifies the obligations and duties of each party. Concluded on a mutual agreement, it is the foundation of a long lasting relationship.


ParfipA dedicated contact person

Each partnership is unique and must be followed by a dedicated contact person. It knows the partners’ business, markets, customers and strategy. That person advises and accompanies the partner in all its projects, including its European expansion.


Parfip Professionals at your service

Our multilingual teams on two management platforms in Paris and Brussels are working daily in connection with our subsidiaries to meet our partner’s expectations.



Bulles    Being our Partner: Your Advantages

Your business is unique and your products often evolve, your services are evolving and you want to ease and enhance access to your products to all users, build client loyalty ....

Whatever the product that needs to be financed and which marketing method are being used, we design custom-made offers for our partners clientele.


Parfip Lease offers you a solution that combines your financial and business interests to those of your customers.


As a PARFIP LEASE partner, you have significant advantages:


ParfipEasy commercial procedures by offering your clients an all-inclusive rent with no minimum investment.


ParfipShortened delays: no need to search for financial solutions for clients, requests will be answered within one hour through our website.


ParfipFlexibility: financing of an extensive range of products and clients.


ParfipClient risk under control: risk of financial failure transferred to Parfip Lease with the assignment of the client’s  contract.


ParfipSecure customer’s loyaltyby extension or simple renewal of contracts.


ParfipCash flow preserved:invoices are paid upon receipt of the complete and compliant contract at beginning of term.


ParfipManagement of services’ deliveryor option to pay your subcontractors directly.


ParfipSecured marginthrough an easy renewal process.


ParfipAdded value to your business: possibility of charting our blank contracts with your company’s logo & colours in order to simplify your commercial attempts.


This financing method is interesting because it is considered as an operating expense, implying therefore that there is no capital registration on the assets balance sheet, no more depreciation nor financial charges and therefore no more debt ratios for the partners.



          Bulles    Advantagesfor the Leasing client

Parfip A turnkey solutionwith no need of additional investment

ParfipA unique invoice for the material rent and the provisions for services.

Parfip No substantial cash outflow

ParfipIntact debt capacity: rent is accounted as a cost and not as an investment (not featuring on the balance sheet).

Parfip Adaptability, should your client’s request change or the technology be evolving.