The STEP Innovation



Continually innovating to maximize funding plans: PARFIP LEASE adapts to new regulations on the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) European payment instruments by launching the STEP, Smart Technology for European Payment, to provide partners with the simplicity of a single European payment. 



Bulles   SEPA Advantages

The SEPA project aims to make the bank payments within Europe easier and cheaper thanks to a convergence of national standards and European practices, leading to consolidation of processes and payment systems. There will be no more borders in the payment area, milestone of the single market.

SEPA will reduce the complexity and necessary actors needed to collect payments.



Bulles   Benefits for Parfip Partners

You want to expand your business, taking sales opportunities on European markets: PARFIP LEASE is the only player on every major European market offering customized contracts and financial solutions that formalize a global offer (asset and services for your customers).


By integrating the new European SEPA rules (Single Euro Payments Area) and by launching the STEP " Smart Technology for European Payment”, Parfip Lease allows you to enjoy all benefits of the single payment and definitely abolishes the complicated processes.


Our European presence allows you to focus on your development on new marketswhile enjoying the same quality of service through a dedicated contact.