Guy Pariente, founder of PARFIP LEASE, created his company in France in 1990, in order to finance lease contracts on markets offering high value added, technological products and services.


His national success and his desire to build a European company, led him to establish subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium (head office since 1999), Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland (in 11 countries all together), enabling the company to respond quickly to all its partners’ needs with a consistent service quality.


Meanwhile, in 2007, PARFIP BPO, back office of the group for entering leasing agreements, customer care service (call center), credit collection and accountancy services, based in Mauritius. The subsidiary Cash Target, handling the debt recovery service, is set up in 2008 in Lyon (France).




ParfipDevelopments for 2011

  • Introduction of new European SEPA regulations into its financing model
  • Website makeover
  • Extension of financial area to the complete € zone
  • Enlargment and strengthening of the managing team



  • Broadening of financed product and service range (Products regarding the Senior market , Green-IT, …)
  • Change of corporate identity: new logo and graphic environment



  • Opening of the service « Management of European sales » in Brussels to enhance the idea of a unique contact person



  • Setup of sales subsidiaries in Italy and in Luxembourg 
  • Specialized in debt recovery, the subsidiary Cash Target is set up in Lyon.



  • Setup of sales subsidiary in Ireland
  • PARFIP BPO, back office of the group is set up in Mauritius, allowing an important growth of the Parfip Lease



  • Setup of sales subsidiaries in Spain and the United Kingdom



  • Setup of sales subsidiary in Portugal



  • Setup of sales subsidiaries in Holland, Germany and Switzerland



  • Head Office settlement in Brussels



  • Establishment of PARFIP LEASE