Our subsidiaries

The PARFIP LEASE group comes from a merge of several companies, all specialized in the financing of equipment.

PARFIP LEASE brings together more than 280 polyglot co-workers in 2010, on all main European market: Brussels, Paris, Barcelona…they manage an established activity in 11 European countries


Since 2005, additionally to the different commercial subsidiaries established across Europe, an expert team of 30 people is devoted to debt recovery, while a competitive back office based in Mauritius takes over data processing of news leasing contracts, customer care (call centre), credit collection – and particularly the administrative management of contracts and accountancy. A third subsidiary, Vocation BackUp, is responsible for IT-Outsourcing of the entire Parfip Lease group.


BullesParfip Spain 

The Parfip Spain Team, based in Barcelona since 2010, manages all activities related to Spanish and Portuguese customer and partners care.


This subsidiary consists of 15 people dedicated to:

ParfipDebt Recovery: Recovery of unpaid debts

ParfipDebt Dispute and Mediation Service: breach of contract negotiation

ParfipLitigation: Managing the legal phase of debt recovery


The Barcelona team is taking care of all requests of Spanish and Portuguese customers and business partners, regarding their contract, invoices, payments …

The team is dedicated to handling all information requests from our partners.




Avda. Diagonal, 615 7 Planta Letra E
Phone.: +34 (0) 93 545 91 70



BullesParfip BPO

PARFIP BPO is the back office of the Group and performs all tasks of the first administrative level: data processing of incoming leasing contracts or licence agreements (about 40 000 a year), customers care service (call center), all administrative tasks linked to the credit collection and the accountancy. Parfip BPO was established in 2005 in the Center of the Cyber City, on the island of Mauritius.


The establishment of this back office allowed Parfip BPO to benefit from a large linguistic flexibility, since most of the employees are fluent in French, English and a 3rd European language. Due to the little time difference with Europe, it can work closely with all European entities and subsidiaries of Parfip Lease, opened from 5:00 am to 7:00pm (French time).


Parfip BPOs workforce at the end of 2010 was of more than 150 employees and 8 European managers/directors.


With this successful experience, the group expects a significant growth in human resources due to increased administrative tasks inherent to the sales development of the company.


Parfip BPO

Nexteracom Tower II, Level 10

Ebene Cybercity

Republicof Mauritius

Email: mauritius@parfip-lease.com


 BullesVocation Cash Services

VCS Vocation Cash Services, is the group’s subsidiary specialized in the unpaid debts management (legal department and debt recovery service) for the whole group Parfip Lease, except for Spain and Portugal, which are being completely entrusted to Parfip Spain. This company employs 30 people and is based in Ecully (France - Lyon suburbs) since 2008.


VCS Vocation Cash Services manages all actions called "debt dispute and mediation service ", including breach of contract negotiation, as well as the litigation aspects, including the legal stage of debt recovery. The legal team of the company works closely with a network of European lawyers for cross-border cases.


Vocation Cash Services


4 allée du Moulin Berger

69130 Ecully / FRANCE